Ontario Fly-In Fishing

Latto’s Wilderness Cabins offers some of the finest remote wilderness fishing

St. Raphael lake has well over 10,000 acres of water to satisfy your fishing obsession. That’s 20+ miles of water for you to navigate, explore and enjoy the abundance of fish and wildlife. Churchill Lake is equally as big of water for you to seek out your trophy or a simply fresh and delicious feast for shore lunch. You will also find a beautiful sand beach at this location great for family sand castles.

Both lakes offer plenty of islands, bays, reefs, structure and fast moving water that all provide excellent walleye fishing. To find what you been looking for in a fishing destination come to Latto’s. Some of our guests go no further than a 10 minute boat ride and report back that they had to quit after 300 walleyes in 2.5 hours and warm drinks. You can expect to experience schools of large walleye and trophy worthy territorial pike that will have you dragging your tired out and sore arms the following day.

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